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Welcome to Link Soup, Asylum's link pages, where you will find much mystery and intrigue on the internet. The site is divided into several easy-to-use segments. So we hope you find what you are looking for in the shortest possible time. If this site was too horrific for you, this is a good place to leave. There are some great sites out there, which deserve attention. We've tried to collect some of the greatest sites to visit from the internet humour and comic art community! So we hope you enjoy them!


  Find a wealth of webrings, collections of websites of a related topic linked together. Masses of great stuff to be found! Includes comic rings, art rings, humour rings and alternative rings.


  Journals that are updated regularly.

Cartoonist's Sites;

  Find cartoons, comics and comic characters by individual artists.

Comic Link Pages;

  Directories full of comic links.

Art Sites;

  Sites related to the artist profession, including directories and sites by individual artists.

Humour Sites;

  Jokes, stories, and fun sites, including humour directories.

Sci-Fi Sites;

  Space man.

Freebie Sites;

  Get free stuff!

Other Sites;

  Includes search engines, link pages and content certification sites.

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