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Below you will find jokes, stories, and fun sites, including humour directories.

NextPlanetOver, a site that rocks. It's got a massive selection of weird and wonderful comics, toys and videos, such as the Simpsons, Southpark, Pokemon, Star Wars and Manga.

101 Funny Links; a good variety of humour sites, changes regularly.

ABC Jokes; a brilliant selection of jokes

Andrew Bateman; visit his unusual site of mystery and intrigue.

August's Jokes; funny page.

Bert Stanley; go to Bert Stanley's website for an insight into cows.

Best of the Best Links to Entertainment; please vote for us here!

Curly David's Joke World; huge variety of jokes and internet pics.

Fanofunny; International Festival of Humour and Satire.

Funny Find!; find a good laugh with the new funny sites only search engine!

Giggles; 'what do you want to laugh at today?' by Sascha Grant

HumorHunt; great source for fun and laughter!

HumorLinks; will keep the smile stuck firmly on your face!; lists and rates humor sites in a variety of categories, including sites with jokes, mailing lists, comics, weird news, humor lists, and more.; your place for the best humour on the net... riddles, funny jokes and much more!

Jen's Link Implosion; for all sorts of cool links.

Jokes Every Day Mailing List; get three 'clean' jokes in your mailbox everyday!; if you're looking for a laugh, this is the place!

Jokes; 100's of funny jokes and humourous stories to amuse and entertain.

JokeSeek; where to go when you are looking for a laugh...

Link's Humor Links; hundreds of links.

Loni's Website; a great place for song lyrics.

Mr B's Office Funnies; includes jokes, funny pictures, cartoons and downloads.

Roland's Strange World; funny graphics, wavs and videos.; 'when you need something silly'

The Centre for the Easily Amused; the ultimate guide to wasting time.

The Jokes Barn; making the world funnier, one joke at a time!

The Funny Bone; go on tickle it, you know you want to!

The Fun Plaza; lots of funny pictures, cartoons and jokes.

Uncle Fuzzy's Top 100 Humor Sites!

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