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Below you will find cartoons, comics and comic characters by individual artists.


Algernon's Dilemma; a satirical, daily parody of comic strip serials by Jim Alexander

A Sibling Thing; hilarious strip about family life by Jeff Paige

Baywalk Cartoons and Funnies; includes 'The Bilbo Chronicles', 'The Infirm' and 'Bradbury Road' by Stephan T. Pastis

Bruno the Bandit; follow the daily adventures of Bruno the Bandit and his trusty sidekick, Fiona the microdragon by Ian McDonald

Clan of the Cats; the story of Chelsea Chattan, a witch, who after a three year absence, returns to her hometown only to find out that things are not always what they seem by Jamie Robertson

CooperToons; cartoons about anything, science, business and even the Old West by Chip Cooper

Curtoons; the adventures of a bunch of squirts by Curtis Tucker

Funny Farm; daily comic strip by by Ryan Smith

General Protection Fault; daily comic strip about the geeky staff at GPF Software by Jeff Darlington

London Times & Planet Hollywood Cartoons; daily off beat cartooons by Rick London

off the mark; hilarious gag cartoons by Mark Parisi

Pantsless; daily panel detailing the life of Franklin Pierce by John Wapner

Sit and Spin; the daily story of one girl and her slighly twisted reality by Corey Marie Kitley

Sluggy Freelance; daily serial about twenty-somethings, their talking pets, extradimensional travel and giant robots gone berserk by Pete Abrams

Speed Bump; hilarious cartoons by Dave Coverly

Spungifeel Comics; wacky fun for everyone by T. wEieR

The Deep End; hilarious single panels by Anton Ballard

The Joke's on You; cartoon caption contest by Phil Ryder & You

Total Eclipsed; daily comic panel by Christo Komarnitski

Toy Trunk Railroad; all aboard for some toy train cartoon hijinks by Erik Sansom

Virtual Humor; almost daily single panel cartoon by Kevin Duffy



Altar-ed States; weekly Christian cartoons by Mark Burton

Anton's Cruel World; off beat cartoons and more by Anton Emdin

A Perfect World; making the world a better place one cartoon at a time by Linda Causey

Cartoons by Gaspirtz; single panels by Oliver Gaspirtz

ColdCuts; home of the slightly warped humour by Tom Wilson

Hagen Cartoons; a collection of Australian single panel cartoons by Christophe Granet

In a Nutshell; hilarious cartoons by Henry Demond

Jeff's Turtle Shop; send a friend a turtle toon by Henning Geiler

just another Vice; an interesting strip about a group of drunken animals by Roger Sims

Limbo; very funny weekly strip by Clint Pick; 'more entertaining than e-mail SPAM!' by Krishna Sadasivam

Pencil Wedgees; hilarious single panel gag cartoons by Bruce Monahan

Pure Baloney; excellent dinosaur cartoons by Ron Hill

Rudy Park; technology cartoons by Darrin Bell and Theron Heir

Strange Breed; off beat single panels by Steve Langille

The Hillside Information Centre; comic strips about various Hillside personalities by Aaron Neathery

The Eternal Wheel; excellent comic fantasy by Chuck Whelon

Tiramisu; the only cartoon named after an Italian dessert by Piero Tonin & Gene Schwimmer

Yellow Kid Comics; weekly comics about skateboarding,surfing,backyard wrestling,and kung fu by Ngauh Louh & Leun Juk Gwok



Alex PDQ; comic strip about a young boy who is severely dyslexic by David Brown.

Andy's Cartoon Character Website; dedicated to cartoons, without which the human race would degenerate into anarchy.

Barstow Productions; includes 'The Imp' by Chuck Barstow & Robin Reed.

Carol Simpson Cartoons; laughs guaranteed to gag your boss.

Cop Dog; an extensive collection of police cartoons by S. Todifcop

Don't Be A Dork; an imaginative and off the wall game that will bring out the "Dork" in each of us by DBAD Group Inc.

Editorial Cartoons; Mike Flanagan will tailor make them to suit any subject

Left Field; off the wall, off beat humour by Mitch Crenshaw

Rich Diesslin; scouting toons

Scotoons; including 'Shuggie and Duggie' - Scotsmen behaving badly by Tom Bullimore & Ian Anderson



Babbles; single panel cartoons that look at the humour in everday situations by Kelly Koome

Cartoons for the Mind; captions and scenes that need drawings by Randy McDaniel

Grootlore; interesting strips by Peter Gullerud, includes 'Hueby' and 'This is Getting Ridiculous'

Ham; cartoons and animations in both English and Spanish by Ham Khan

Hip Shot; funny single panels by Andy White

Phil Dente Cartoon Illustrator; various cartoons including 'Dysfunction Junction' and 'Bumpers'

Plundger-Man; bizarre web comic by Kurt Bargmann

Pritchett Cartoons; editorial cartoons, caricatures and illustrations by John Pritchett

Pseudo Heroes Comix; supehero comics with a difference, inlcudes 'Family Man' and 'Inner Child Man' by Bentley & Martens

The Art of Seamus Heffernan; showcase of this guys amazing artwork, definately worth a visit.

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